Daniels Huisman Lawyers

Daniels Huisman Lawyers

Daniels Huisman Lawyers
Be prepared when you do business or enter into private transactions in the Netherlands!

Your right to Vision
If you are more or less active across borders in the Netherlands you as a foreign company or private person may involuntarily and unintentionally be confronted with the Dutch legal system.


In this and a variety of other cases it is important to know that with Daniels Huisman Advocaten you can count on fast and effective legal assistance.

With one phone call you will have access to one of our lawyers on Dutch law.

We can provide you with a lawyer who speaks perfect English and who, with a great empathy for you as a foreigner, can explain clearly how you can make your legal position as strong as possible.

Daniels Huisman Advocaten
Rely on the expertise, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of Daniels Huisman Advocaten. Your sparring partner when you as entrepreneur or private person unexpectedly or unintentionally are faced with Dutch legislation and legal principles. Also if you intend to undertake legal obligations in the Netherlands, Daniels Huisman Advocaten can of course assist you to make the proper choices to protect you from potential pitfalls.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves.

Be well prepared. Contact us!  You are most welcome! 

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